Royal Heritage

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The all-New Natura Royal Heritage mattress combines the three different sleep technologies into one luxurious night’s sleep. Three different sleep technologies design that gives you all the superior support of the memory foam, Harmotex technology and the gently support of the Micro-Coil. Royal Heritage is the premium pairing of luxury and performance, so let us indulge to the charm of luxury.

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Queen & King Size Mattress:
• Free 1 x Royal Heritage Comfort pillow (Queen & king size)
• Free 2 x Hug Pillows
• Free 2 x Bio Traditional pillows
• Free 1 x mattress protector

* Price shown is for mattress in Peninsular Malaysia only.
* All pictures shown are for illustration purpose.

45cm / 17.5"
* Please chat with us if you have special size enquiry

Mattress Features

Cool Memory Gel


V-Shield Virus Protection

7 Zone Massage Pocket Spring

Micro-Coil Technology

High Density Woven Viscose

High Density Foam

Natural Coconut Fiber

High Density Woven

Woven viscose is a soft, versatile, and absorbent fabric, which is known for its silk-like texture. It resembles silk in appearance and is as such ideal for those looking for a luxurious feel and style. It’s a very light fabric that doesn’t stick to the body, it also absorbs water and sweat nicely.

Micro-Coil Technology

Micro Comfort Coils are the smallest micro coils and are used in the layers of a mattress to offer additional comfort. These smaller, “micro,” coils conform to your body like the pocketed coil support layer. This helps to reduce pressure points as well as reduce motion transfer.

Cool Gel Memory Foam

The millions of gel beads inside the foam keep the mattress cooler for longer time period. Natura Cooling Gel memory foam still maintains the benefit of memory foam which is reduces pressure points of human body.


Harmotex can replace traditional latex material, it is a resilient material enables help to reduce your body to place an excess pressure on hips and shoulders, and maintain proper spine alignment.

V-Shield Virus Protection

V-Shield has been developed as virus protection for minimizing retransmissions and contaminations throughout textile products, providing the users with a more comfortable and hygienic feel.

7 Zone Massage Pocket Spring

7 zone massage support system helps to fit body perfectly, adapts to different type of pressure giving effectively support on head, neck, shoulder, back,waist, hip, knee and leg totally relaxing.

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