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Long hours spent in a chair or couch can lead to a slouched posture and backache. To support your back and sit comfortably, you can invest is back and seat cushions.

Back rest dimension: 40cm L X 40cm W
Seat cushion dimension: 40cm L X 40cm W x 3.8cm Thickness
1 set Price: RM 338

1. Natura backrest
The Backrest is designed to prevent unhealthy sitting positions by providing the proper support to maintain the natural curve of the spine. The backrest is made of biobased memory foam perfectly contours to the anatomy of your spine and adapt to your waist structure thus providing optimum lumbar support.

2. Natura seat cushion
By utilizing a simple and rectangular design, the Natura memory foam seat cushion becomes versatile cushion for chair types, including the office, car and kitchen variety. The bottom part of cover is using anti-slip fabric to prevent slip when you stand leave your chair.

Features of Natura back rest and seat cushion,

  • Best car accessory for driving & travelling in cars.
  • The cover is removable and can be wash by hand only.
  • Comes with protective carry woven bag, take it anywhere.
  • Perfect back support for office chair if you spend long hours a day sitting, couch, sofa or computer desk.
  • Carbon zipper cover, carbon fabric is an excellent adsorption property for the removal of humidity and odours along.
* Please chat with us if you have special size enquiry

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